How do I add a blog post to my WordPress Website?

You have written a fantastic post, about an awesome subject you just know everyone is going to love. You have taken some great images to go with it, but what do you do next?

How do you get it on your WordPress blog page?

Don’t worry, I often get asked these questions, so I decided to put together a 14 point step by step to help.

1. First of all you need your WordPress login details – username and password, when you have these you are all set.

2. Once you have logged in click on the left hand side link that says ‘Posts’ this will take you to a list of all the posts currently on your blog page. If you don’t have any yet (which you probably wont, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this post!) there will be a sample post called ‘Hello World’ you can either edit this or delete it.

3. From here, there is an ‘Add New’ button at the top of the page. This will generate a blank page for you new post.

4. Click on ‘Add New’ and add in the title of you post (Enter title here) and then copy and paste the information for the main body of your post in the next large box down.

5. At the top of the large text box, it gives you the option to change your text, add in bold font, italics, bullet points etc… this is where you can make your post a bit fancy if you wanted to.

6. I would suggest adding in subheadings to your text. This can be done using the drop down box that says ‘paragraph’ you just need to highlight your text, click the box and choose which header you would like. At the top of the page, it should be header 1, then sub sections header 2 and header 3, you probably wont ever need to use headers 4-6.

7. Next you will want to add in your main image. This done by scrolling down the page and clicking on the ‘set featured image’ link. Clicking this link will bring up your image library, you can select an image from here or click ‘Upload files’ to choose one from your desktop.

8. Once your image has loaded into your library, you will need to name it and give it an appropriate ALT text. These boxes can be found on the right hand side of the library page. The ALT text describes what is in the image so Google can crawl it. Google is unable to crawl images on their own.

9. Select your image and click ‘set featured image’

So now you have your title, text and a featured image, looking good so far.

10. The last items you need to add in are the categories and TAG’s for your post. On the right hand side of the main blog post that you have just written, you will see about half way down a section called categories. Click on the ‘Add New Category’ link and in here add the main subject that your post covers. For example: if you have written about Litter training puppies, you may want to add in the category: ‘Litter training puppies’

When a visitor searches your site for anything to do with litter training a dog, all posts within this category will show, or if a visitor clicks on the ‘Litter training puppies’ category all of your posts within that category will show.

11. Your categories will appear for every blog post you add and you can choose any of the existing categories when adding in a new post.

12. The TAG’s are similar to categories, but usually singular words or short phrases, again using the litter training puppies example, your TAG’s could be: puppies, litter training, dog training, litter etc… there is no limit on the amount of TAG’s you can enter, but try to keep it to just a few per post.

When a visitor clicks on a TAG they are taken to the archive where all of the related posts are grouped together.

Both, categories and TAG’s are optional extras and can be added to your websites sidebar using a widget. If you have a lot of posts, these extras can make searching through them so much easier for a visitor.

13. Once all of the above has been done, you are ready to publish your post, the button for which is on the right hand side, if you would like to check it first there is also an option to preview it before publishing.

14. Once done, click on the ‘view post’ link and double check it all looks amazing on your live website.

Well done, you have just uploaded your first blog post, go and have a well deserved cuppa.

Laura x