Care Plans

These Care Plans have been designed for WordPress websites and are offered along side the website packages or separately.

ALL Care Plans come with Free hosting!

Our Website Care Plans have been designed to keep your brand new lovely website safe and secure, but if you already have a WordPress website and are looking for a new Host please consider one of these plans.

We will apply an SSL security certificate and for the PRO and PRO + plans we will perform regular Security checks, Also your website will undertake regular back ups just in case the worst should happen (touch wood!)

We also include the all important Hosting for FREE!

All plugin and Themes are updated as and when they are needed, and we are available for any support.

We have also recently added a Content to the Pro + Plan as we found a lot of clients were asking for content to be updated or added, posts and images added and, as they were busy running their business they just didn’t have the time to update their website – If that sounds familiar please check out the Pro + Plan below.

We feel these are great all round packages, but you will still need to keep writing content or updating your blog, any behind the scene work is undertaken by us.

The Basic Care plan is perfect for a start up business, contact us if you need any help or advice on plans.

We are continually trying to improve the Care Plans and will add extra security features to them on an ongoing basis.

If you would like to transfer your website hosting to one of the Care Plans please download and fill out the attached form, you can email it to this will help us to make the transfer smoother


Basic Care Plan - More Information

The Basic hosting plan is ideal for a small start up business or a 1 page website layout, as it offers Website hosting and an SSL Certificate as these are increasingly important for the safety of a website.

This plan does not include content updates, so you will receive full access to the site to be able to make these changes your self, if you would rather not do this please have a look at the other care plans.

Pro Care Plan - More Information

The Pro Care plan is the most popular plan ideal for a small to medium business.
This plan includes:
Migration of the domain and website hosting
The important SSL Certificate
Up to 3 email addresses set up and forwarded to which ever account you choose, or we can send you the details to set up the email on Outlook or Mac Mail. The email addresses are linked to the website so the address could be: info@ support@ yourname@ along with the domain name.
All plugin, Core file and Theme updates are included to help keep your website safe, fast and up to date
Daily and monthly back ups of all database and website files are taken and stored, in case the worse should happen (these are on two different systems for extra security)
Regular Antivirus, firewall and malware scans are also performed weekly on the website
Plus you get email support from me

This plan does not include content updates (Although these can be done at £8 per page/post) You will receive access to the site to be able to make changes and add in blog posts yourself, if you would rather not do this please have a look at the other plans.

Free Initial Consultation

Additional pages can be designed and added at £25 per page (content to be supplied by client)

Blog Posts added after launch of website (Blog post content to be supplied by client) £8 per post

Additional Email account set up, which will be a business account linked to your website, emails can be forwarded to an address of your choice or set up in Outlook/Macmail £10

(Details of how to get the new email account into Outlook/Macmail will be sent to you)

Adhoc work which includes general updates, issues sorted or fixes implemented, charged at £25 per hour