SSL Certificates

I’m covering SSL Certificates this week. These are becoming increasingly important for website owners to have, so I thought I would cover the basics for you and why you need one.

An SSL certificate protects sensitive information. Even if you do not handle sensitive information on your website, it will protect your privacy and provide crucial security. An SSL certificate will also help to gain your customers trust and protect them while they use your website.

As data is passed from computer to computer to get where it needs to be, any computer in between can access your information. For example: name, address, credit card info and passwords, if it has not been encrypted by an SSL certificate first.

An SSL certificate makes this information unreadable when being passed from computer to computer, thereby stopping hackers from accessing it.

To find out if a website has an SSL certificate, look to the top left hand corner of the URL, you should see the word ‘secure’ in green or a small green padlock, or a green search bar. These ensures your information is secure and the website is safe to use. Otherwise you may see a grey ‘i’ for information, in the top right hand corner, this is warning you to be aware the site may not have an SSL certificate. So use with caution.

Google have recently added this certificate into its search listing factor, so that’s another reason to make sure you are covered with an SSL certificate.

Here at Anchor Online Web Design we have an SSL certificate, and we are able to issue them to our clients websites.


You can also get an SSL certificate from other trusted providers, however they may charge you for it. Talk to your host provider or web designer, who should be able to get one set up for you.

This feels like a rather serious post this week! 😀

Laura x