This one doesn’t get talked about nearly as much as it should do. I believe as social media grows it will have a huge impact on SEO.

Working on your social media presence is a slow job, but it will have an impact and gain momentum for your website on search engines, so it’s definitely worth pursuing.

You can grow your social media following by growing your number of followers with posting consistently and making your content worthy of reading by:

  • Posting useful information
  • Helpful tips
  • Holding giveaways and Competitions
  • Open question time
  • Live videos
  • Engaging with your followers directly, but try not to be too salesy, as this will put people off and they may unfollow you.

The above results, in encouraging more people to share your content. Giving you a wider social media audience, and more authority with Google, as they can see more people are sharing your content, they then presume you are posting good quality information to share. And that’s what Google is all about – quality, relevant information.

Don’t ever think about buying followers though, as I believe Google monitor the quality of followers, this will damage your reputation with Google. Personally I think it’s better to gain quality followers by building your social media the proper way. Good consistent content.

Adding in a link to your website/blog/product on your post will help boost SEO, as Google are constantly crawling websites to add into their search listings. The more they come across your links, the more your web pages are crawled, the more chance you have of appearing in search listings.

You may be thinking this is a lot of work, do I have to sign up for all social media platforms?

My answer would be No. It would be a full time job to do this. If you pick just one or two and focus on building your presence on these, by posting at least 3-4 times per week, you will build up a firm base of followers. Rather than a weak following across the board.

Just a couple of different platforms you could choose from:

  • Facebook is good for posting information, so competitions, tips or info on your business or products.
  • Instagram is good for photos, so maybe a restaurant or cafe posting food images.
  • Twitter, for links to your website, products or promoting events.

Think about the type of things you want to post. Write a list, say a couple of weeks worth of posts, and get together some relevant images. Pick yourself a platform, Facebook is a good place to start, but please pick the one best suited to your posts. Don’t forget to add in the link to your website/product/blog on your new post and get posting!

I would love to hear how you get on.

That’s it for today

Laura x