The 25th May is finally upon us!

If you are wondering why I seem excited about this date, where have you been?

Today the new GDPR law comes into force

If you have a small business and are now only just hearing about GDPR, please don’t panic.

Yes, over the next few months I would imagine the ICO will be keeping an eye on some of the bigger companies and there may even be some fines issued. However as a small company if you are at least aware of GDPR and actively putting in some steps towards compliance, you don’t have to panic.

The ICO are there to educate people on the importance of data security, not punish people for getting it wrong (Unless you are blatantly using peoples information in an illegal and immoral way)

The ICO have also published a free guide for Micro businesses, it has 8 easy to read steps to help.

You can download it here: Eight practical steps for micro business owners

The amazing guys at WordPress have also implemented some tools to help, in particular a privacy policy template.

Below are the basics steps to take on your website. This list is not everything but a good place to start is with your website.

  1. Run a Cookie report to show if Cookies are being implemented on your website
  2. Create a cookie banner, although there isn’t a simple to implement GDPR cookie popup for most website owners, and I believe the Cookie laws may be changing next year, so I would say as long as you have a cookie pop up on your website that informs users, and links to a Cookie policy which states how a user can disable cookies, that will be ok for now.
  3. Create a Cookie Policy page
  4. Add a tick box on your contact forms to make sure visitors have read your Privacy Policy
  5. Create a Privacy Policy page
  6. Anonymise IP addresses in Google Analytic’s – If used
  7. Add links to the Cookie policy and Privacy policy pages on your contact form
  8. Add links to the Cookie and Privacy pages on your Mailchimp sign up page – If used
  9. Add in the Cookie and Privacy policy pages to the footer of your website

If you have a WordPress website, I can implement all of the above for you, for a small one time fee of £39, please contact me if interested, although you will need to supply a Privacy and Cookie Policy unless you want to use the WordPress Privacy Policy template.

I will say that I am not a lawyer and all of the above is based on the many posts/articles and conversations I have had over the last couple of months, if you would like to learn more Suzanne Dibble is the person to see, she has a brilliant GDPR Facebook page with a huge wealth of information.

Also available is Suzanne’s GDPR pack with over 20 documents and check lists to help with compliance. This can be found here: Suzanne’s GDPR Pack

The best piece of advice I can offer is to Visit Suzanne’s Facebook page and get the externally visual things sorted first: Your website and Mailing Lists.

And don’t panic ?

Laura x