Now a lot of people will look at SEO and think ‘where on earth do I start?’ and that is a justified question as Search Engine Optimization is a bit of a minefield. Realistically it’s a full time job, and if you need your website to be continuously Number One in search listings for some very top keywords, then you may be better off hiring an SEO expert or using PPC (googles paid listings) For the rest of us this isn’t always a viable option, so we have to work at SEO ourselves. With this in mind I have put together a few (hopefully!) helpful tips on how to get started and give your website a good chance in search listings.

Keyword Research

To start, you need a list of keywords, these will be keywords related to your business or service, write down say 10 words that you think customers would use to find your business, (you could ask friends and family, they will often come up with words you hadn’t thought of) and type them into google, what comes up? do you get a list of your competitors? then this shows these are keywords that they are also using, not always a good thing, particularly if a lot of bigger competitors show at the top, they may have a team working on SEO. Try to change your keywords a bit, use a mixture of short and long tail keyword instead, long tail are more specific and will have less people competing for them in search, which is good if you are a local business, you can target local customers.


Short Tail Keyword: Photography

Long Tail Keyword: Wedding Photography in Norfolk

Try typing in your new set of keywords and have a look at the results, you may find competitors who are more on the same level as you are in your business. This could work as they will have roughly the same SEO resources as you.

Finding the right keywords to focus on is a trial and error process, keep going and you will come up with a list of great keywords that will help you work your way up the search listings.

The next thing to do is to write your meta descriptions and engaging content with these keywords in, but – a word of caution – don’t just pile your content up with your keywords as this is not good for visitor interaction and may harm your listings, it can lead to you getting blacklisted by search engines, so take some time and put your heart and soul into writing fantastic content.

More on content writing in my next blog post.

Laura x