I know I keep going on about content, but I cant stress enough how important good content is.

Content should influence, educate, and create interaction.

Writing relevant content about your business or services shows your personality, it should be written from the heart and not like a robot!

You are aiming to trigger emotion within the reader in the hope that they understand what you are saying, and will want to buy your products/services from you. Your content should make people think.

Again just a reminder that you should also include your chosen keywords within your content, although not all on the same page, 1 or 2 per page that are relevant to the topic will work wonders, and if you can also include the keyword within your Meta descriptions, your onto a winner!

Here are some Content Pointers for you:

  • Make your content shareable, easy to read engaging content will make readers want to share it with the world
  • Use links within your content, this helps readers find your products/services or just more information more easily.
  • Don’t forget to add in relevant images, and to include descriptions and ALT tags for them

Try to write around 300 words per page, If you have a lot of content on one page, try to break it up into sections of around 300 words with main Headings. Typically visitors will read an average of 300 words in one sitting, If you write a huge amount of text you may find visitor drifting away before they get to your CTA (call to action)

Love your content, Love your brand

Laura x