What are my competitors doing?

Competitor Analysis, it doesn’t sound very exciting, I know.

But a little bit of research now, will in the long run help you in search engine listings.

Plus it’s always a good idea to know what your competitors are up to.

So, first of all you will need to identify who your competitors are, they may not always be other companies/websites that offer the same as you, or sell similar products.

In regards to Search engines, competitors are those that are competing for the same keywords.

To identify your keyword competitors, try typing in the keywords that you are focusing on at the moment, and have a look at who else is consistently appearing.

These are your keyword competitors.

Next write down a list of all the competitors, and where they are listing in search engines for your chosen keywords, this will then give you a good idea of where you are appearing, and you can then start to focus more on the keywords where you rank higher.

To try and make sure you stay there, start writing content based around these keywords and use it on social media or as a blog post for your website.

If there are keywords where you don’t rank particularly high, but you would like to, this is also an opportunity to work on those keywords, by writing relevant content for your website, and keeping an eye on your competitors positions. Things change so much in search, that you may find your keyword competitors change or no longer appear for these keywords, giving you the chance to take their place.

Once you have got going, this is something you should continue to do on a regular basis, it shouldn’t take very long to do.

A short post this time.

(Hopefully helpful though!)

Laura x